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Release 1.9



Release 1.9

Issues: Due

  • Defect CLJ-700 contains? broken for transient collections
  • Feature CLJ-1454 Add deref-swap! and deref-reset! (swap! and reset! that return prior value)
  • Enhancement CLJ-1544 AOT code cannot see on-the-fly compiled classes

Issues: Updated recently

  • Defect CLJ-2204 Last Tuesday 11:54 AM Clojure classes can be used to craft a serialized object that runs arbitrary code on deserialization
  • Feature CLJ-2165 11/Jul/17 #clojure/var tag for transmitting var identity
  • Defect CLJ-2202 10/Jul/17 coll-of :min-count and :gen-max used together cause collections that are too large to be generated