ClojureScript is a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript.

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  • Defect CLJS-3030 Regression with core.async surrounding select-keys / find on String
  • Defect CLJS-364 compiler needs to put all args of an invocation after 20 into an array-seq
  • Defect CLJS-365 apply needs to put all args after the 20th into an array seq

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  • Enhancement CLJS-3038 Today 10:33 AM Improve error message when clojure.test.check is not required before using stest/check
  • Defect CLJS-2059 Today 7:05 AM Printing a namespaced qualified map and reading it back to ClojureScript fails
  • Defect CLJS-1701 Yesterday 7:11 AM cljs.spec impact on :advanced builds

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