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In our project (a clojurescript debugger) we want to convert cljs forms or a sequence of forms into javascript so that they can be executed in the javascript console.

We would like something similar to closure/compile-form-seq (

However, we need to supply, the namespace requires and locals in an env like this

{:ns {:name "test.core" :requires {(quote gstring) (quote goog.string)}} :locals {}}

This code seems to do what we want.

(defn compile-form-seq
    \"Compile a sequence of forms to a JavaScript source string.\"
    [forms env]
    (compiler/with-core-cljs nil
      (fn []
            (doseq [form forms]
              (compiler/emit (analyzer/analyze env form))))))))

I am not sure why I need env/ensure.

Would you be able to patch compile-form-seq to provide the needed interface, or suggest what we should be doing.



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