Support Closure libs using goog.module


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goog.module is a new way to define Closure namespaces:

It is used for example in

I didn't do full check of how Closure libraries are handled, but one function which is definitely used by cljs.closure is cljs.js-deps/find-classpath-lib which calls cljs.js-deps/parse-js-ns to read a JS file and parse module information from it. Currently the function reads lines before first function declaration and uses a regex to find goog.provide and goog.require calls. Probably Closure Compiler has some built-in functionality to parse files which could be leveraged.

Besides reading module information from files, another question is if using goog.module defined namespaces for traditional/legacy namespaces generated by ClojureScript compiler needs something special. When goog.module is required, goog.require returns the exported object but no global is set. There is however a function to create the globals:


  • Can we still assume that goog.requires all occur before first function declaration?
    • Would be fixed by using possible Closure Compiler functionality
    • Class looks promising
  • "GCL hasn't switched to it so it may be something driven by some users not something that Google uses more broadly" (David at slack)


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