Implement Var form, var-get, and var? in CLJS


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See discussion of Vars in CLJS here:
My goal is to eventually implement dynamic scope capture, via bound-fn and friends. The attached patch is a step in that direction.

This patch adds support for parsing the (var foo) form. The #' reader macro is provided by JVM Clojure.

#'foo emits code to construct a Var object. In this patch, each invocation of 'var will create a unique Var object. This means they are '= by fully qualified symbol, but not 'identical?. Simple memoization would fix that, but I'm not going to bother until I get to Dynamic Var objects.

The main advantage of this level of Var support is for the interactive development convenience of being able to defer dereferencing top-levels. For example, (def fog (comp f #'g)) will pick up redefinitions of 'g, but not of 'f.


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