Represent ast :children as a vector of keys


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See discussion here:

Summary: Duplication of ast nodes in various keys and in :children is problematic for some users. In particular, it doesn't play nicely with printing. A solution is needed which preserves "The AST is data. Period."

The attached patch makes no changes to how the sub nodes are currently stored outside of the :children key. Instead, it replaces :children values with a vector of keys into the main ast node. This preserves child ordering and allows a children function to be defined as:

(defn children [ast]
(mapcat #(if (coll? %) % [%]) ((apply juxt (:children ast)) ast)))

The attached patch has two caveats: 1) Many (but not all?) blocks will now be present in the children hierarchy as 'do forms. 2) Interleaved forms are intentionally bugged with respect to ordering. The :children vector for those forms match the actual behavior, not the expected behavior. This can be fixed along with


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