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Temporary fix to this issue: Add the G.Closure Library third-party extensions as a project dependency.

;; In :dependencies vector of Leiningen's project.clj
[org.clojure/google-closure-library-third-party "0.0-2029"]

We currently distribute the Google Closure Library in two separate JARs: the main library and the third-party extensions. We do this because the third-party extensions are covered by different licenses.

But, as it turns out, various classes in the main library have explicit dependencies on things in the third-party extensions. See See also this G.Closure mailing list discussion.

As a result, the ClojureScript browser-connected REPL has a transitive dependency on the Google Closure Library third-party extensions. This manifests as an error in script/cljsc and a NullPointerException in lein-cljsbuild.

See the initial Clojure-dev mailing list discussion and discussion of this ticket.

See also lein-cljsbuild issue #155.

It seems that the dependency on third-party extensions is unavoidable. There are several possible fixes:

1. Release a new G.Closure Library JAR with a declared dependency on the third-party extensions JAR. This best reflects the actual dependency relationships.

2. Release a new G.Closure Library JAR with the third-party extensions included in the JAR. This would make it harder to exclude the third-party-licensed code from projects which do not actually require it.

3. Release a new version of ClojureScript with a declared dependency on the third-party extensions JAR. This makes the dependency more visible to ClojureScript developers.

Regardless of the approach taken, developers can always use explicit dependencies/exclusions to choose which version of the G.Closure library to include in their projects.



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