Support dynamic runtime extension of protocols to types


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Here is a transliteration of a semi-common pattern used with Clojure protocols to dynamically extend protocols to concrete types implementing other protocols (or interfaces, on the JVM):

(defprotocol P (m [this]))

(extend-protocol P
  (m [this]
    (if (seq? this)
        (extend-type (type this) P
          (m [this] (count this)))
        (m this))
      (throw (ex-info "Cannot extend m to type" {:type (type this)})))))

(I think dnolen was the first to talk about this outside of irc.) Unfortunately, this does not work in ClojureScript; extend-type currently requires that the type be specified as a symbol:

clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: clojure.lang.PersistentList cannot be cast to clojure.lang.Named at line 4  {:tag :cljs/analysis-error, :file nil, :line 4, :column 5}

I can (hackily?) make this work by simply not attempting to resolve tsym here. However, that leaves lists in as values for :tag metadata (which might be used by the analyzer and/or other tools that depend upon it?), which I presume is not OK.

If someone can provide guidance on a sane path from here, I'll do what I can to produce a plausible patch.


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