cljsc.bat emit FileNotFoundException when compile samples in windows


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    in windows 7
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cljsc.bat emit FileNotFoundException when it compile samples of the ClojureScript project in windows like below.

Exception in thread "main" Could not locate cljs/closure__init.class
or cljs/closure.clj on classpath:

It is caused by lack of a backslash in the end of path of the system environment variable, %CLOJURESCRIPT_HOME% set by a user.
In the case CLASSPATH is set to "C:\\clojure\clojurescriptsrc\clj;C:\\clojure\clojurescriptsrc\cljs" and this make it impossible for javac to find cljs/clojure.clj file.

So it can be solved by adding a backslash to the path of %CLOJURESCRIPT_HOME%.

I attached the patched file, "cljsc-path.bat"

  1. cljsc.bat.diff
    15/Sep/13 3:16 AM
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    Park Sang Kyu
  2. cljsc-path.bat
    25/Aug/13 1:13 AM
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    Park Sang Kyu


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