Stop using Clojure Namespaces entirely for non-macro names/lookups


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AFAICT, the ClojureScript compiler uses clojure.lang.Namespace in only a couple of situations now:

1. during macroexpansion
2. when reading:

  • to bind *ns* to *cljs-ns*
  • to set aliases (and their referents) for resolving namespaced keywords/symbols

#1 is unavoidable and unproblematic. #2(b) can cause issues at dev-time though, especially when using portable libraries. For example:

(ns simple-check.generators
  (:require #+clj [clojure.core :as lang]
            #+cljs [cljs.core :as lang]
            [cemerick.pprng :as pprng]
  (:refer-clojure :exclude [int vector list hash-map map keyword
                            char boolean byte bytes sequence]))

The differing lang alias there will always cause an error for the second compiler that attempts to load the file.

A similar problem would also affect any multitenant ClojureScript compilation environment that didn't use classloaders to provide the compiler with its own static clojure.lang.Namespace environment.

A plan:

1. Enhance tools.reader to provide a dynamically rebindable *namespaces* var (hopefully to contain a map equivalent in structure to the one being used by the analyzer already?).
2. Change the analyzer to:

  • bind that var to the current value of namespaces when reading
  • modify the namespaces map as necessary to account for aliases, etc.

Does this sound sane?



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