Dump analyzer state during a compilation.


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CLJS doesn't have the luxury of a fully-reified runtime environment, therefore effective tooling needs a view of the internal compiler state. This issue addresses this need by enabling a dump of the compiler state based on additional cljs compiler options.

The compiler state is a map contained within an atom, either passed in as the 'compiler-env' arg to cljs.closure/build or contained globally within cljs.env/compiler.

The prototype is implemented as such:

either a string or :print, when :print, output will be written to out, when a string, the argument will be passed to

checked for truthiness, default is false
When this is switched on, the full structure of the compiler state will be printed, which is impractically large for most use cases. In normal operation, :env keys and extended :method-params will be removed from the output, making the analysis represent simply the globally reachable environment. Additionally, only the contents under :cljs.analyzer/namespaces and :cljs.analyzer/constants will be printed.


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