automatic pre- and post-conditions for unchecked code


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Currently it is fairly difficult to use core.typed to achieve/ensure production quality code. Often it happens that part of your own code does not pass the core.typed checker. Of course you can add the :no-check to your function, but in that case all type-checking is bypassed for this function and it can inject arbitrary data into the rest of your program (the type-signature is not enforced anymore.

It would be possible to prevent this issue if core.typed offered the opportunity to derive pre- and post-conditions based on the type-signature. This way unchecked code would use run-time checking as a fall-back scenario to prevent unchecked code could inject arbitrary data into the rest of your program (like the schema-library by prismatic, but using the core.typed annotations instead of schemas).
One step beyond would be to:
1. Use dynalint for the unchecked code (if this is possible)
2. Generate wrappers with pre- and post-conditions for external libaries.


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