get-connection's URI conventions incompatible with PostgreSQL


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get-connection requires that provided URIs be structured like so:


This is often sufficient, but many PostgreSQL URIs require the use of URI parameters to further configure connections. For example, provides JDBC URIs like this:


...which, when used outside of Heroku's network, require a further sslfactory=org.postgresql.ssl.NonValidatingFactory parameter.

The PostgreSQL JDBC driver supports a number of different URI parameters, and recommends putting credentials into parameters rather than using the user:password@ convention. Peeking over at the Oracle thin JDBC driver's docs, it appears that it expects credentials using its own idiosyncratic convention, user/password@.

This all leads me to think that get-connection should pass URIs along to DriverManager without modification, and leave URI format conventions up to the drivers involved. For now, my workaround is to do essentially that, using a map like this as input to with-connection et al.:

{:factory #(DriverManager/getConnection (:url %))
 :url "jdbc:postgresql://"}

That certainly works, but I presume that such a workaround won't occur to many users, despite the docs/source.

I don't think I've used java.jdbc enough (or RDMBS' enough of late) to comfortably provide a patch (or feel particularly confident in the suggestion above). Hopefully the report is helpful in any case.



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