to-stream fails on constraints


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an example:
(defrel foo n)
(fact foo 1)
(fact foo 2)

(run* [q] (fresh [x] (!= x 1) (foo x)))
=> ((_0 :- (Unable to render embedded object: File (- () not found.= (2 1))))

The problem is that to-stream uses unify, which doesn't consider constraints. Here's two alternate implementations of stream (not replacements for to-stream, but basically performing the same task). One uses unify and the other uses bind and == to unify. The bind version produces the correct results.

(defn my-stream-unify [s v vals]
(when (seq vals)
(mplus (unify s v (first vals))
(λ [] (my-stream-unify s v (rest vals))))))

(defn my-stream-bind [s v vals]
(when (seq vals)
(mplus (bind s (== v (first vals)))
(λ [] (my-stream-bind s v (rest vals))))))

(defn myval-unify [x]
(fn [s]
(my-stream-unify s x [10 20 30])))

(defn myval-bind [x]
(fn [s]
(my-stream-bind s x [10 20 30])))

(run* [q]
(fresh [x]
(!= x 80)
(myval-unify x)))

(run* [q]
(fresh [x]
(!= x 80)
(myval-bind x)))

I've fixed my use of to-stream in pldb 0.1.3 in

(db-rel foo n)
(with-db (db [foo 1]
[foo 2])
(doall (run* [q]
(fresh [x]
(!= x 1)
(foo x)))))

=> (_0)

If I've analyzed and fixed the problem correctly, I'd be happy to fix this small in core.logic. (and maybe it's time to get cracking on moving pldb into core.logic?)



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