Invalid method Code length when generating red black tree matcher


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The issue is the same as stated on
but moved here as a part of moving match to Clojure contrib.

Here is a copy of the text from the issue above:

After having forked the latest version on branch and compiling I attempted to execute the infamous red-black tree rebalancing code.

(let [node nil]
[([:black [:red [:red a x b] y c] z d] |
[:black [:red a x [:red b y c]] z d] |
[:black a x [:red [:red b y c] z d]] |
[:black a x [:red b y [:red c z d]]])]
[:red [:black a x b] y [:black c z d]]))
The good news is that issue issue 47 is indeed resolved. The bad news is that a new issue has cropped up, namely that the ClassFormatError with the message

error: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Invalid method Code length 78596 in class file redblack/core$eval3306 (core.clj:10)
is raised.


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