SocketExceptions on transport/bencode when the other end has gone away


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When running the tests, I'm occasionally getting SocketExceptions (which don't fail the test suite) with the message "Broken pipe". I think these stem from one end of the nREPL socket trying to write to the socket after the other end has gone away.

There's an existing test (ensure-closeable) that explicitly expects a SocketException to be raised if the socket has had .close called directly on it, rather than having the other end hang up, which I think is what the "Broken pipe" tells us. I'm curious as to whether this is important for some reason I haven't seen, or whether catching all SocketExceptions on transport/bencode's write function and returning nil would be appropriate.

If the end doing the socket closing actually should affect the behavior, we could sniff the exception message, but that feels a bit yucky.

I can actually reproduce this in "real life" by firing up an nREPL server / client (`reply --nrepl --port 9999`), then attaching to it (`reply --nrepl --attach 9999`), and in the attached client, run (Thread/sleep 10000) and immediately kill the process. Then the "Broken pipe" exception shows up in the original REPL with the server in the same process.

I've got a patch for this in my bitbucket fork (socket-exception branch):


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