Intermittent test failures for stdin


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Failures like these are happening sometimes in the test suite, mainly around stdin:

FAIL in (request-multiple-read-objects-in) (nrepl_test.clj:211)
expected: (= (quote (:ohai)) (response-values (for [resp (repl-eval session "(read)")] (do (when (-> resp :status set (contains? "need-input")) (session {:op :stdin, :stdin ":ohai :kthxbai\n"})) resp))))
actual: (not (= (:ohai) nil))

FAIL in (request-multiple-read-objects-in) (nrepl_test.clj:217)
expected: (= [" :kthxbai"] (repl-values session "(read-line)"))
actual: (not (= [" :kthxbai"] nil))

I've done a ton of debugging and thinking about this, and haven't gotten far. A few theories I had that seemed decent at the time, but ultimately haven't gotten rid of these occasional failures:

The debugging I've been doing (print statements galore) suggests that when this problem happens, the client does send back the proper :stdin, but it doesn't get picked up by the add-stdin handler in time to write to the :stdin-writer and avoid the expiring timeout.

I'm pretty much stumped at this point, unfortunately.


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