Android: nREPL starts with no namespace


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    Android w/ Clojure 1.4.0, REPLy client / Eclipse CCW client


When I start the nREPL on the Android device (by calling `( :port 9999)`) it all goes well. But when I try to connect to this REPL using any of the clients I find myself in an empty namespace (or something like that). The var ns is unbound, no functions from the clojure.core are available. At the beginning REPLy tries to perform some actions but they fail (says that it cannot find symbol `defn` - because nothing from clojure.core is being mapped).

However I can do (in-ns 'anywhere) it works. Everything else in the REPL works correctly (as far as I see). The issue itself is minor but I'm afraid that it is caused by some crash during nREPL initialization that might lead to other problems in future.



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