Tracking source form positions in eval


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Dev tools writers using nREPL's eval op face the following problem - using the `eval` op you cannot pass information regarding the filename and the file position of the form you're evaluating and therefore afterwards you can't use find its definition. Because of this most CIDER users reload their source buffers all the time with `load-file`. Another implication of this problem is that exception backtraces have meaningless information about the position of the problem (usually something like `NO_FILE:1`). I've noticed that LightTable has a custom middleware for this, ritz used to have one as well, probably others too. Now I'm contemplating doing something similar for CIDER, but it seems to me this is basic functionality that should be supported out-of-the-box.

I'd like to propose that the default eval middleware be augmented to support some form of source form tracking to spare tool writers from having to reinvent the wheel.


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