ClojureScript is a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript.

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  • Defect CLJS-2710 High-arity .apply on spec-instrumented function throws "Invalid arity" error
  • Defect CLJS-2719 Should not compile ES6 or CommonJS libs when under :nodejs target
  • Defect CLJS-2720 Cannot import node_modules into ES6 classpath lib

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  • Enhancement CLJS-2298 Yesterday 7:59 AM REPLs should automatically load user.(cljs|cljc) files at root of Java classpath
  • Defect CLJS-2757 Yesterday 6:52 AM Failure to load is-plain-object transitive npm dep
  • Defect CLJS-2755 Last Monday 4:01 PM Can't generate uri instances

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