Issue tracker for the tools.analyzer family of libraries, including: tools.analyzer, tools.analyzer.jvm and tools.analyzer.js

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  • Defect TANAL-100 Fix method matcher
  • Enhancement TANAL-84 Simplify tag handling for castings/nil insertion/value popping
  • Enhancement TANAL-113 Convert clojure.lang.Compiler/analyze to a map conforming to tools.analyzer.jvm

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  • Defect TANAL-126 08/Oct/18 tools.analyzer.jvm eval's arglists metadata differently in emitted Clojure code?
  • Defect TANAL-125 15/Jan/18 Analyzing defrecord macro-expansion after :refer-clojure :exclude [let] causes analysis error
  • Defect TANAL-124 14/Oct/17 An expression in Specter that causes t.a.j/analyze+eval to throw exception, but Clojure compiles OK

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