• [NREPL-1] - Whitespace is not printed via :out
  • [NREPL-2] - send-ack probably leaks connections/sockets
  • [NREPL-10] - SocketExceptions on transport/bencode when the other end has gone away
  • [NREPL-12] - Intermittent test failures for stdin
  • [NREPL-14] - Exception when running -main from
  • [NREPL-17] - Agent nesting causes issues
  • [NREPL-31] - REPL utilities are refered into *ns* prior to every expression evaluation


  • [NREPL-5] - Add support for reading from stdin
  • [NREPL-6] - Add simple HOWTO to README for both tooling and application developers
  • [NREPL-13] - nrepl should support binding to a specific interface instead of all
  • [NREPL-35] - Eliminate several uses of reflection in tools.nrepl

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