• [NREPL-40] - Thread leak in$fn_transport?
  • [NREPL-42] - Reflection warnings in users' projects
  • [NREPL-45] - Laziness-forcing loses *out* bindings
  • [NREPL-47] - Two deftests with same name cause reduced test coverage
  • [NREPL-51] - Pretty-printing reference returned by causes multimethod exception
  • [NREPL-56] - Test suite failing on JDK 1.8
  • [NREPL-58] - Inconsistency between session and eval responses
  • [NREPL-60] - Tests failing in build "Unable to resolve var: clojure.pprint/use-method in this context"


  • [NREPL-50] - Configurable eval function
  • [NREPL-57] - Add Java version info to op "describe"'s response

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