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[CLJ-1094] Add zero-arity versions of every-pred and some-fn Created: 25/Oct/12  Updated: 15/May/17

Status: Open
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Feature Priority: Minor
Reporter: Tassilo Horn Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 3
Labels: None

Attachments: Text File 0001-Add-zero-arity-variants-for-every-pred-and-some-fn.patch    
Approval: Triaged


Zero-arity versions of these fns are useful in situations like the following:

;; compute-preds-for may return zero or many predicate fns
(let [preds (compute-preds-for something)]
  (filter (apply every-pred preds) some-coll))

Approach: This patch adds zero-arity versions of every-pred and some-fn with these semantics:

(every-pred) === (constantly true)
(some-fn)    === (constantly nil)

Patch: 0001-Add-zero-arity-variants-for-every-pred-and-some-fn.patch

  • Patch adds zero-arity version
  • Patch reformats docstring to 80 character width (matching other core fns) - comments are identical other than the addition of a final sentence stating behavior with zero-arity.

Screened by:

Comment by Tassilo Horn [ 25/Oct/12 7:12 AM ]

This is the thread where Max Penet suggested to have 0-arity versions of the two fns:


Comment by Alex Miller [ 07/Nov/13 8:20 PM ]

Tassilo, can you undo the line break changes on this patch to minimize the patch differences?

Comment by Tassilo Horn [ 08/Nov/13 4:00 AM ]

Rebased patch.

Comment by Tassilo Horn [ 08/Nov/13 4:05 AM ]

@Alex: That I've reformatted the docstring so that it doesn't look like a comb and fits in 80 columns is a feature. Should I really revert to the original, ugly, less readable formatting only to make the patch 8 lines shorter?

Comment by Alex Miller [ 08/Nov/13 9:14 AM ]

My goal was to simplify the patch so it is easier to review. Since the comment is identical (except for the last line), we can instead note that as a feature of the patch.

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