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[CLJ-1148] adds docstring support to defonce Created: 17/Jan/13  Updated: 09/Jan/18

Status: Open
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: Release 1.5
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Enhancement Priority: Minor
Reporter: Joe Gallo Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 13
Labels: docstring

Attachments: Text File 0001-new-defonce-hotness.patch     Text File clj-1148-defonce-2.patch     Text File clj-1148-defonce-3.patch     Text File clj-1148-defonce-4.patch     Text File clj-1148-defonce-4.patch     Text File clj-1148-defonce-5.patch     Text File clj-1148-defonce-6.patch     Text File defonce_fixes.patch    
Patch: Code and Test
Approval: Vetted


Pass all args from defonce on to def so it supports docstrings (or potentially other future features) just like def.

Docstrings and other Var metadata will be lost when the defonce is reƫvaluated.

Patch: clj-1148-defonce-6.patch

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Comment by Alex Miller [ 29/Aug/13 9:53 AM ]

Changed to defect for stomping metadata.

Comment by Stuart Halloway [ 18/Oct/13 8:00 AM ]

Please add tests. The clojure.test-helper namespace has useful temporary namespace support.

Comment by Joe Gallo [ 24/Oct/13 12:44 PM ]

This new patch includes the changes to defonce and also tests.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 24/Oct/13 2:14 PM ]

Changing to Vetted so this is screenable again.

Comment by Rich Hickey [ 22/Nov/13 11:31 AM ]

I disagree about the stomp metadata - different metadata was provided. The purpose of defonce is to avoid the re-evaluation of the init. Is this the simplest change that accomplishes the doc string? In any case split in two.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 29/Dec/13 10:24 PM ]

Reduced scope of ticket to just passing defonce args on to def to add support for docstring. Added new patch that does this.

Comment by Stuart Sierra [ 10/Jan/14 4:09 PM ]

Screened clj-1148-defonce-2.patch but returning to 'incomplete' status.

The :arglists metadata in this patch (a list of symbols) is inconsistent with all other uses of :arglists (a list of vectors).

Other than that the patch is good.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 10/Jan/14 5:04 PM ]

Updated patch to address inconsistency in arglist format and attached clj-1148-defonce-3.patch.

Comment by Stuart Sierra [ 17/Jan/14 9:36 AM ]

The patch clj-1148-defonce-3.patch is OK but it doesn't really address the docstring issue because defonce still destroys metadata. For example:

user=> (defonce foo "docstring for foo" (do (prn 42) 42))
user=> (doc foo)
  docstring for foo
user=> (defonce foo "docstring for foo" (do (prn 42) 42))
user=> (doc foo)
Comment by Stuart Sierra [ 17/Jan/14 10:03 AM ]

Screened with reservations noted.

Comment by Rich Hickey [ 24/Jan/14 10:15 AM ]

Stuart is right, second defonce should retain the doc string (since it again provides it, should be no-op)

Comment by Alex Miller [ 20/Feb/14 10:41 AM ]

pull out of 1.6

Comment by Linus Ericsson [ 28/Aug/14 12:30 PM ]

This version looks for previously defined var with resolve. A repeated defonce won't affect the namespace at all if the variable is already defined and bounded.

Please confirm using (resolve '~name) is not a problem w.r.t ns-bindings or similar.

This patch also contains the tests from clj-1148-defonce-3.patch as well as the :arglists property.

(patch 4 missed one def-row, sorry for mailbox noise).

Comment by Linus Ericsson [ 09/Sep/14 4:27 AM ]

Yet another, simpler version of defonce. No test-cases included.

This version just makes an (or (nil? v#) (not (.hasRoot v#)) test on the resolved variable. If this is true, really define by (def ~name ~@args) else do nothing.

Comment by Andy Fingerhut [ 08/Jan/15 6:04 PM ]

Linus, while JIRA can handle multiple attachments on the same ticket with identical names, it can be confusing to do so. Would you mind renaming or removing the ones you have added with duplicate names, e.g. delete obsolete ones, perhaps? Instructions for deleting patches are in the "Removing patches" section on this wiki page: http://dev.clojure.org/display/community/Developing+Patches

Comment by Sean Corfield [ 09/Jan/18 7:30 PM ]

On noticing that we have a JIRA issue at work to add docstrings to the handful of defonce calls we have (via alter-meta!), I came upon this issue and wondered what is stopping it moving forward?

Is Linus's patch an acceptable solution overall (and is just missing tests)? Or is a different approach wanted? Is this blocked by CLJ-1446 and folks want that fixed before updating defonce?

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