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[CLJ-1149] Unhelpful error message from :use (and use function) when arguments are malformed Created: 17/Jan/13  Updated: 06/Sep/16  Resolved: 06/Sep/16

Status: Closed
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: Release 1.4, Release 1.5
Fix Version/s: Release 1.9

Type: Enhancement Priority: Major
Reporter: Sean Corfield Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Completed Votes: 4
Labels: errormsgs

Approval: Ok


the following exception happens when you have something like this(bad):

(ns runtime.util-test
(:use [midje.sweet :reload-all]))

as opposed to any of these(correct):

(ns runtime.util-test
(:use midje.sweet :reload-all))

(ns runtime.util-test
(:use [midje.sweet] :reload-all))

and the exception is:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No value supplied for key: true
at clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap.create(PersistentHashMap.java:77)
at clojure.core$hash_map.doInvoke(core.clj:365)
at clojure.lang.RestFn.applyTo(RestFn.java:137)
at clojure.core$apply.invoke(core.clj:617)
at clojure.core$load_lib.doInvoke(core.clj:5352)
at clojure.lang.RestFn.applyTo(RestFn.java:142)
at clojure.core$apply.invoke(core.clj:619)
at clojure.core$load_libs.doInvoke(core.clj:5403)
at clojure.lang.RestFn.applyTo(RestFn.java:137)
at clojure.core$apply.invoke(core.clj:621)
at clojure.core$use.doInvoke(core.clj:5497)

Note that this is similar to the equally unhelpful message shown in http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJ-1140 although that is a different root cause.

Probably best to enhance the `use` function to validate its arguments before trying to apply hash-map?

Comment by Gary Fredericks [ 26/May/13 3:17 PM ]

I believe this applies to require as well.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 19/Aug/16 2:25 PM ]

As of Clojure 1.9.0-alpha11, the spec for ns will catch this and fail at compile-time:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Call to clojure.core/ns did not conform to spec:
In: [1] val: ((:use [midje.sweet :reload-all])) fails at: [:args] predicate: (cat :docstring (? string?) :attr-map (? map?) :clauses :clojure.core.specs/ns-clauses),  Extra input
:clojure.spec/args  (runtime.util-test (:use [midje.sweet :reload-all]))
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