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[CLJ-1190] Javadoc for public Java API Created: 03/Apr/13  Updated: 11/Jan/14  Resolved: 11/Jan/14

Status: Closed
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: Release 1.6

Type: Enhancement Priority: Critical
Reporter: Stuart Halloway Assignee: Stuart Halloway
Resolution: Completed Votes: 0
Labels: documentation

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Publish javadoc for http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJ-1188.

  • Add javadoc for public API classes (Clojure and IFn)
  • Add ant build target to generate the javadoc
  • Publish javadoc to the clojure project github pages (will be done manually)

Patch: clj-1190-3.diff (javadoc updates and a new Ant target)

Screened by: Stuart Halloway

Updated by: Alex Miller (moved clojure.api.API to clojure.java.api.Clojure and tweaked one example per Rich's suggestion)

Comment by Andy Fingerhut [ 18/Aug/13 3:57 AM ]

It seems that when this ticket is completed, it may also complete CLJ-19, too.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 04/Oct/13 1:46 PM ]

Maven javadoc is something like this (configuration as in http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-javadoc-plugin/javadoc-mojo.html):


What is desired for inclusion in the javadoc? Just the clojure.api package and API class? If so is it worth automating the publishing of this API or just documenting a process to put someplace static?

Comment by Alex Miller [ 21/Oct/13 10:14 PM ]

Javadoc can be told what to doc either by package or by java source file. The Maven plugin only supports the source file version if the files are in the same directory (as far as I can tell).

Ant was a little easier to get going:

<target name="javadoc" depends="build"
         description="Creates javadoc for Clojure API.">
    <javadoc destdir="javadoc">
        <path location="${build}"/>
      <fileset dir="src/jvm">
        <include name="clojure/api/API.java"/>
        <include name="clojure/lang/IFn.java"/>

However, there is no way to omit the nested IFn primitive interfaces in either case. That's just not a thing. Presumably it would be possible to customize the standard doclet to omit whatever you wanted although it makes me throw up in my mouth a little to even suggest that as a necessity.

Comment by Stuart Halloway [ 22/Oct/13 9:12 AM ]

Including nonpublic interfaces is worse than having no Javadoc at all, IMO. We plan to change this API almost never, so one possibility it to just generate from a copy of the IFn source file that omits the primitives.

API should have a class level document.

The goal here is to publish the official Javadoc on the web. Following the javadoc jar convention is a potential separate goal, but out of scope here.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 22/Oct/13 9:36 AM ]

When I next get a chance I'll take a look at what customizing the standard doclet would take. If it looks ugly I'll bail out.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 22/Oct/13 9:43 PM ]

Modifying the standard doclet (a mystery shrouded in a thicket of Oracle docs) to generate javadoc for 2 classes is ridiculous. As Stu suggested, I just hacked the inner interfaces out of IFn and generated the attached javadoc with the ant target prior in the comments. I think we could probably turn off a few more of the bits and improve the title,etc then manually publish this set of files in the github pages somewhere.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 23/Oct/13 8:48 PM ]

Added an Ant build target that strips the inner interfaces of IFn and generates the javadoc. Still need to add class javadoc for both API and IFn.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 23/Oct/13 10:49 PM ]

Added a new patch that adds javadoc for the clojure.lang package, the IFn and API classes. It also has an Ant task that generates the javadoc in target/javadoc which you can run with ant javadoc.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 21/Nov/13 3:32 PM ]

The API will live here (prelim version there now): http://clojure.github.io/clojure/javadoc/

Comment by Rich Hickey [ 22/Nov/13 10:37 AM ]

We should never show things like (lookup and simultaneously use var):

API.var("clojure.core", "deref").invoke(printLength);

because people will put that in a loop.

Also, API.var seems like a lot of CAPS. I understand that's proper Java conventions but maybe we need to pick another name?

Comment by Alex Miller [ 05/Dec/13 10:58 AM ]

At Stu's request, I made the updates from our prior conversation, namely:
1) Moved clojure.api.API to clojure.java.api.Clojure and updated all references.
2) Made the example change suggested by Rich to avoid creating and invoking the var in one step.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 07/Dec/13 4:22 PM ]

Andy, please let me know before modifying screened patches as they need to be re-screened.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 07/Dec/13 4:23 PM ]

In this case, it looks like you didn't leave the old one so I'm not even sure what's different?

Comment by Alex Miller [ 07/Dec/13 4:24 PM ]

Oh, I'm misreading the comment history, you just changed the patch field. Carry on.

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