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[CLJ-1238] Allow EdnReader to read foo// (CLJ-873 for EdnReader) Created: 28/Jul/13  Updated: 22/Nov/13  Resolved: 22/Nov/13

Status: Closed
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: Release 1.6
Fix Version/s: Release 1.6

Type: Enhancement Priority: Major
Reporter: Alex Miller Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Completed Votes: 0
Labels: edn, reader

Attachments: Text File 0001-Fix-CLJ-873-for-EdnReader-too.patch     File clj-1238-2.diff    
Patch: Code
Approval: Ok


The patch that has been applied in 1.6 for CLJ-873 predated the introduction of EdnReader, as such it only patched LispReader.

This patch makes the same change to allow foo// in EdnReader, and removes two constants in clojure.lang.RT that are not needed anymore after this patch.

To reproduce:

user=> (require 'clojure.edn)
user=> (defn / [& x] 42)
user=> (clojure.edn/read-string "(user// 4 2)")
RuntimeException Invalid token: user//  clojure.lang.Util.runtimeException (Util.java:219)

Approach: copy changes from LispReader in CLJ-873. After:

user=> (require 'clojure.edn)
user=> (defn / [& x] 42)
WARNING: / already refers to: #'clojure.core// in namespace: user, being replaced by: #'user//
user=> (clojure.edn/read-string "(user// 4 2)")
(user// 4 2)

Patch: 0001-Fix-CLJ-873-for-EdnReader-too.patch

Screened by: Alex Miller

Comment by Nicola Mometto [ 29/Jul/13 9:37 AM ]

Alex, this title might be misleading – the main purpose of this patch is to allow "foo//" to be read by clojure.edn/read

Comment by Alex Miller [ 30/Jul/13 3:12 PM ]

@Nicola - Please fix!

Comment by Nicola Mometto [ 30/Jul/13 6:28 PM ]

Done - I also changed the description to better describe what the patch actually does

Comment by Andy Fingerhut [ 25/Oct/13 12:27 PM ]

I've not looked into details yet, but screened 0001-Fix-CLJ-873-for-EdnReader-too.patch fails to apply cleanly as of Oct 25, 2013 latest Clojure master.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 25/Oct/13 2:05 PM ]

Updated patch to apply cleanly to master as of Oct 25, 2013.

Comment by Andy Fingerhut [ 31/Oct/13 4:37 PM ]

With the undoing of the change for CLJ-1252 earlier today, the patch 0001-Fix-CLJ-873-for-EdnReader-too.patch applies cleanly again, and clj-1238-2.diff no longer does.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 31/Oct/13 4:48 PM ]

Andy you are uncanny - I was just on my way to update this.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 31/Oct/13 4:51 PM ]

Switching back to prior patch.

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