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[CLJ-1317] clojure.zip/seq-zip returns spurious nils during traversal Created: 31/Dec/13  Updated: 10/Feb/16

Status: Open
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
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Fix Version/s: None

Type: Defect Priority: Minor
Reporter: Michał Marczyk Assignee: Michał Marczyk
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 1
Labels: zip

Attachments: Text File 0001-CLJ-1317-fix-seq-zip-to-avoid-spurious-nils.patch    
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Approval: Triaged


Problem reported by Lee Spector on the mailing list:


Here's a quote from Lee's post describing the problem:

Here's an illustration, stepping through '(() 0) with next and printing the node at each step: 

(loop [z (zip/seq-zip '(() 0))] 
  (if (zip/end? z) 
    (do (println (zip/node z)) 
      (recur (zip/next z))))) 

That produces: 

(() 0) 

I don't expect the nil to be there. 

The underlying cause is that seq-zip passes identity as the children argument to zipper. Applied to (), this returns (), which is truthy, leading zipper to descend into a non-existent subtree.

One natural solution would be to use seq in place of identity:

(defn seq-zip [root]
  (zipper seq?
          seq  ;; changed
          (fn [node children] (with-meta children (meta node)))

With this change, no nil is produced in the example above. Patch with this change forthcoming.

Comment by Michał Marczyk [ 31/Dec/13 5:52 PM ]

Note that the docstring of clojure.zip/zipper asks that the children argument return a seq of children. The rest of clojure.zip, however, expects nil to be returned when there are no children, as evidenced by this problem.

One could argue that this behaviour of the rest of clojure.zip should be fixed, but I think it makes sense and is convenient. Perhaps the docstring should be adjusted, though.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 08/Feb/16 4:36 PM ]

Michał, can I ask why you assigned this to yourself - was there something you planned to add?

Comment by Michał Marczyk [ 10/Feb/16 9:09 AM ]

Hey Alex, I was going to attach a separate patch with a proposal for a docstring adjustment along the lines suggested above (will do that tonight). No change to the code, though, and I guess not worth assigning the ticket – sorry about the unnecessary ping.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 10/Feb/16 9:38 AM ]

No worries, just wanted to know if something was still pending - I will wait to prescreen it.

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