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[CLJ-1349] update to latest test.generative and prep for test.check Created: 10/Feb/14  Updated: 14/Nov/14  Resolved: 14/Nov/14

Status: Closed
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: Release 1.7

Type: Enhancement Priority: Major
Reporter: Stuart Halloway Assignee: Stuart Halloway
Resolution: Completed Votes: 1
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Attachments: Text File clj-1349-1.patch     Text File clj-1349-2.patch     Text File clj-1349-3.patch    
Patch: Code and Test
Approval: Ok


This patch updates build to use the latest test.generative, and organizes build.xml so test.check can be dropped in next.

Patch: clj-1349-3

Screeners: note that the elapsed time reported at the end of an Ant build is not wall clock time. Even though the generative tests run for 60 seconds, it will report less. You can see that the tests are running for the correct duration by timing with a stopwatch if you care.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 10/Feb/14 5:16 PM ]

1) The (System/setProperty "clojure.test.generative.msec" "60000") was removed from run_tests.clj but not added to the new src/script/run_test_generative.clj. Because of this, the generative tests don't run as long and the overall build time (from generative tests) is shorter. I do not know if that was intentional.


[java] Framework clojure.test.generative
     [java] {:assert/pass 1282219, :test/group 6, :test/test 120, :test/iter 10025545}


[java] Framework clojure.test.generative
     [java] {:assert/pass 118974, :test/group 6, :test/test 120, :test/iter 998991}

2) The new (non-generative) part of the test lists many more namespaces being tested in the output, including gensym-ish ones like "Testing G__25228". However, both before and after the same number of tests and assertions are printed at the end. Not sure why these differ.

3) The all target could depend on test-all instead of both test and test-generative, but ok as is.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 07/Oct/14 12:51 PM ]

Patch needs some freshening...

Comment by Alex Miller [ 08/Oct/14 10:35 AM ]

Freshen patch and made some mods

Comment by Alex Miller [ 08/Oct/14 10:37 AM ]

New patch applies properly to master. I also:

  • added calls to set java.awt.headless per patches that have been added in the meanwhile
  • rejiggered the ant build targets so that "ant test" still does the same thing it did before but now there are test-example and test-generative. I think this is a smaller change and removes any need to change what we already have doc'ed for developers and screeners (just adds new sub-flavors)
  • added test.check to the dependencies
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