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[CLJ-1454] Add swap-vals! and reset-vals! (swap! and reset! that return [old new]) Created: 28/Jun/14  Updated: 07/Sep/17  Resolved: 07/Sep/17

Status: Closed
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: Release 1.9

Type: Feature Priority: Critical
Reporter: Philip Potter Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Completed Votes: 16
Labels: atom

Attachments: Text File clj-1454-3.patch     Text File clj-1454-4.patch     File deref-swap-deref-reset-extending-IAtom.diff     File deref-swap-deref-reset-with-IAtomDeref-and-tests.diff    
Approval: Ok


Sometimes, when swapping or resetting an atom, it's desirable to know the value before the update. The existing swap! and reset! functions return the new value instead. Currently, the only option is to roll your own using a loop and compare-and-set!

Example use cases:

  • When an atom contains a PersistentQueue and you want to atomically remove the head of the queue and process it: if you run (swap! q pop), you have lost the reference to the old head of the list so you can't process it.
  • Want to check if an operation has occurred before by using atom as a flag (this can be achieved with compare-and-set! but reads a little easier this way).
    (def has-run-once (atom false))
    (when-not (get-and-set! has-run-once true)
    (do something))
  • Want to use an atom similarly to a java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue, for the case of pairing up adds by writers and drainTo y readers:
    Thread 1: (swap! atm conj item1)
    Thread 2: (swap! atm conj item2)
    Thread 3: (let [new-vals (get-and-set! atm [])] 
    (do-something new-vals))

Approach: Add clojure.core/swap-vals! and clojure.core/reset-vals! that return [old new]

Patch: clj-1454-4.patch

Comment by Philip Potter [ 28/Jun/14 4:00 PM ]

Overtone already defines functions like this in overtone.helpers.ref, which get used by overtone.libs.event. These return both the old and the new value, although in all existing use cases only the old value gets used.

flatland/useful defines a trade! fn which returns the old value, although the implementation is less clean than a compare-and-set! based solution would be.

Comment by Philip Potter [ 29/Jun/14 6:23 AM ]

Chris Ford suggested "swap-out!" as a name for this function. I definitely think "swap-returning-old!" isn't the ideal name.

Comment by Jozef Wagner [ 30/Jun/14 1:33 AM ]

I propose a switch! name. The verb switch is defined as "substitute (two items) for each other; exchange.", and as you get the old value back, it evokes slightly the exchange of items.

Comment by Philip Potter [ 30/Jun/14 3:03 AM ]

Medley also has a deref-swap! which does the same thing.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 30/Jun/14 8:20 AM ]

I think deref-swap! seems like a morally equivalent name to Java's AtomicReference.getAndSet() which is the same idea.

Comment by Philip Potter [ 30/Jun/14 1:19 PM ]

Funny you say that Alex, because prismatic/plumbing defines a get-and-set! (also defined by other projects), equivalent to deref-reset! in medley. Plumbing also defines swap-pair! which returns both old and new values, like the overtone fn, although once again the only usage I can find only uses the old value.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 30/Jun/14 3:37 PM ]

I think it's important to retain the notion that you are not switching/exchanging values but applying the update model of applying a function to the old value to produce the new value. I don't even particularly like "swap!" as I think that aspect is lost in the name (alter and alter-var-root are better). I like that "deref-swap!" combines two words with existing connotations and orders them appropriately.

Comment by Timothy Baldridge [ 30/Jun/14 3:43 PM ]

except that that naming doesn't fit well compared to functions like nfirst which are defined as (comp next first). This function is not (comp deref swap!).

Comment by Linus Ericsson [ 29/Feb/16 11:03 AM ]

The patch deref-swap-deref-reset-extending-IAtom.diff addresses CLJ-1454 and CLJ-1599 "Add deref-reset! (reset! that returns old value)".

The patch extends IAtom with .derefSwap and .derefReset methods with identical signatures as to .swap and .reset but are intended to return the derefed (old) value of the atom upon successful mutation of the atom.

The commit message (could be used as an updated description of this ticket, or a new one)

Extends clojure.lang.IAtom with derefReset and derefSwap with the
exact same arities as their original variants, .reset and .swap.

The deref-methods returns the old (derefed) value of the atom after
a successful mutation of the atom.

Added functions:

Just like reset! it unconditionally changes values of atoms but returns
the old atom value.

Just like swap! but returns the old atom value.

The deref-reset is based on Steven Yi's get-and-set! in ticket CLJ-1599,
patch named get-and-set.diff

Comment by Alex Miller [ 01/Mar/16 8:46 AM ]


  • remove ":static true" in the new fns, this is dead
  • as mentioned on the mailing list, I think we need to consider that we are introducing a breaking change here. Rather than modifying IAtom we should add the methods in a new interface IAtomDeref that Atom implements. The Clojure functions should then type-hint to IAtomDeref instead.
Comment by Alex Miller [ 01/Mar/16 8:47 AM ]

Oh, and needs tests!

Comment by Linus Ericsson [ 02/Mar/16 2:14 PM ]

Alex, in deref-swap-deref-reset-with-IAtomDeref-and-tests.diff you'll find a patch with the differences

  • removed ":static true"
  • added an IAtomDeref interface instead of extending IAtom
  • 2 test cases for deref-reset!
  • 1 test case for deref-swap!

Please especially have a look at the test-cases. I tried to catch the various arities of deref-swap! but I don't know if binding warn-on-reflection true actually affects the test cases in any way. Suggestions on how to test wether "arity works" - if even worth the effort to test - are most welcome.

Given the nature of atoms, a suite of generative tests would probably be the best idea. Until then, simple functional tests for the other atom functions should be added, but that's for another ticket.

Comment by Linus Ericsson [ 02/Mar/16 2:34 PM ]

(the second patch is independent from the first one)

Comment by Alex Miller [ 10/Mar/16 9:13 AM ]

Looks good to me, marking prescreened.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 12/May/17 3:34 PM ]

Rich has ok'ed looking at this for 1.9 but did not like the name.

Comment by Stuart Halloway [ 12/May/17 9:46 PM ]

Based on the names used in Java https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/util/concurrent/atomic/AtomicInteger.html I would recommend

Comment by Leon Grapenthin [ 13/May/17 7:21 AM ]

Doesn't seem ideal to me. Get already has a different meaning in Clojure.
An idea:

(let [prev-val (before-swap! an-atom inc)] ...)
Comment by Alex Miller [ 13/May/17 8:41 AM ]

Please, let's not bikeshed the name any more on here. Stu and I will figure out something with Rich.

Comment by Rich Hickey [ 30/Aug/17 1:18 PM ]

If we are going to add something here it should return both before/after, else there will still be no way to get both

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