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[CLJS-167] Allow exiting CLJS repl with EOF/ctrl-D as well as :cljs/quit Created: 24/Mar/12  Updated: 14/Jul/15  Resolved: 14/Jul/15

Status: Closed
Project: ClojureScript
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Type: Enhancement Priority: Minor
Reporter: Alan Malloy Assignee: Unassigned
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The CLJS repl is not a perfectly well-behaved command-line tool, in that it does not respect the convention of quitting by sending an EOF character with ctrl-D. This must be causing a small amount of irritation to everyone who uses the repl and is used to the customary amenities of any command-line tool; we could ease a little bit of frustration by supporting EOF.

I've attached a patch to improve this behavior, without affecting anything else.

Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 08/Oct/12 11:20 AM ]

I like the idea, but I normally start the cljs-repl from a clj-repl with

user=> (run-repl-listen 9000 ".lein-cljsbuild-repl")

and then the proposed solution seems to exit both the cljs-repl and the clj-repl as well with a single ctrl-D, which increases the irritation with a small amount...

Sorry, I'm not well versed enough in the IO intricacies to provide an alternative.

Comment by Mike Fikes [ 14/Jul/15 9:29 AM ]

I wonder if this is still an issue today, and I am able to Ctrl-D to get out of CLJS REPLs.

Comment by David Nolen [ 14/Jul/15 10:28 AM ]

wow old ticket!

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