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[CLJS-402] Add a facility to obtain the version information of the clojurescript build that is in use Created: 21/Oct/12  Updated: 04/Nov/13  Resolved: 04/Nov/13

Status: Closed
Project: ClojureScript
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Type: Enhancement Priority: Major
Reporter: Frank Siebenlist Assignee: Unassigned
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Labels: enhancement

Attachments: File CLJS402-3rd-patch-file.diff    


Currently there is no function or var defined in the clojurescript library that can be used to easily obtain the version information of the build that is in use.

Without that version information, debugging and reporting of errors is more cumbersome than needed, wastes time, causes confusion discussing issues...

A simple function and/or var like the ones used for clojure would be very helpful:

user=> (clojure-version)
user=> clojure-version
{:major 1, :minor 4, :incremental 0, :qualifier nil}

Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 21/Oct/12 2:16 PM ]

Auto-generation from the build script of version_autogen.clj and version_autogen.cljs files
that both define the cljs.version-autogen/clojurescript-version
with the current version info for both the clj and cljs environments

Comment by David Nolen [ 21/Oct/12 3:43 PM ]

Why a separate namespace for this?

Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 21/Oct/12 9:15 PM ]

Good point - probably better to add the clojurescript-version var to the cljs.core namespace.

New patch change the build script to auto-generates the clojurescript-version assignment statements in both cljs/core.clj and cljs/core.cljs to reflect the correct version info.

In that way it resembles more the clojure.core use of clojure-version.

Note that the two separate assignments for clj and cljs are needed to detect out-of-sync of repl-compiler version with the compiler used to generate the js-code that was downloaded thru the webpage.

Difficult to write a test-script, but it seems to work in my repl:

user=> (require 'cljs.core)
user=> cljs.core/*clojurescript-version*
{:minor 0, :revision 1515, :major 0}
user=> (run-repl-listen)
"Type: " :cljs/quit " to quit"
ClojureScript:cljs.user> *clojurescript-version*
{:revision 1515, :major 0, :minor 0}

Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 21/Oct/12 9:16 PM ]

CLJS-402: build script auto-generates the clojurescript-version assignment statements in both cljs/core.clj and cljs/core.cljs to reflect the correct version info

Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 22/Oct/12 12:00 AM ]

When I tried to implement a "clojurescript-version" function like the "clojure-version" one, I (re)discovered that cljs/core.clj is not your average cli-file but some funky file used by the clojurescript compiler to bootstrap - in other words it's not a good file to require and run normal functions from your clj-environment.

So I moved the *clojurescript-version* var to cljs/compiler.clj as it seemed to make sense to associate the version with the compiler.

On the cljs site, I left the *clojurescript-version* in cljs/core.cljs, although I was tempted to create a cljs.compiler namespace to store that var on the cljs side to make it symmetric .

Also added a (clojurescript-version) function to both the clj and cljs sides, with an added special-fn in the cljs/repl.clj such that you can ask for the compiler version of the repl-server from the cljs-repl.

Updated 3rd patch file replaces the previous one.

Just wanted to record an example of a mismatch in compilers:

user=> (run-repl-listen)
"Type: " :cljs/quit " to quit"
ClojureScript:cljs.user> (clojurescript-version)
ClojureScript:cljs.user> (clj-clojurescript-version)

This happens when you generate the javascript from your cljs with a "lein cljsbuild once" command with compiler version "0.0.1515",
then upgrade the compiler to "0.0.1516" and then run the cljs-repl without regenerating the javascript for the webpage-download.
Very obscure things can happen after that...

Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 22/Oct/12 12:03 AM ]

build script auto-generates the clojurescript-version assignment statements in both cljs/compiler.clj and cljs/core.cljs to reflect the correct version info
Function "clojurescript-version" is added to both compiler.clj and core.cljs to mimic equivalent "clojure-version"
Special-fn "clj-clojurescript-version was added to repl.clj to obtain the compiler's clojurescript-compiler version from the cljs-repl

Comment by David Nolen [ 22/Oct/12 7:06 AM ]

The patch uses sed, I'm not sure this is such a great idea since whatever the patch does should probably work with whatever build setup we have on Hudson.

Comment by Chouser [ 22/Oct/12 8:05 AM ]

Would it make sense to call this 'clojure-version' as well, instead of clojurescript-version? It's a map, and so various flags could be added to differentiate jvm, js, python, c, etc. runtimes. What does ClojureCLR do?

Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 22/Oct/12 10:52 AM ]

sed was already used in the build script... a few lines down, the pom file is transformed with:


Comment by Frank Siebenlist [ 22/Oct/12 11:15 AM ]

A quick scan of the src-code showed that ClojureCRL uses clojure-version and *clojure-version*.

However, there is less chance for confusion as you are supposedly running on the CLR already.

With ClojureScript you can have these three intertwined "clojure" environments that are all live at the same time: the clojure version, the repl clojurescript version, and the clojurescript version used to compile the initially loaded js. Not sure if overloading the clojure-version fn-name and relying on namespaces to differentiate will be helpful... but it's not that big of a deal and I'm easily persuaded otherwise - somebody should make the call and I'll change it.

Comment by David Nolen [ 26/Feb/13 7:51 AM ]

Sorry just now coming back to this ticket. I think it's probably preferable that the map of properties be called the same thing everywhere. I would apply the patch with this change. I note it no longer applies to master.

Comment by David Nolen [ 04/Nov/13 7:47 PM ]

fixed https://github.com/clojure/clojurescript/commit/6a9cae995837223cc7d236d110e01d723ae81f8a

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