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[CLJS-419] Exclude cljs source file from compilation Created: 17/Nov/12  Updated: 27/Jul/13  Resolved: 18/Dec/12

Status: Closed
Project: ClojureScript
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Type: Enhancement Priority: Major
Reporter: Mimmo Cosenza Assignee: Unassigned
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every environment

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  1. you have a :dev build and a :prod build
  2. In the :dev build you want to have a brepl connected with the browser and you coded that connection in a isolated cljs source file.
  3. In the :prod build you do not want that connection active, meaning you don't want source cljs file enabling the connection to be included in the compilation.

Given this scenario, you need to duplicate all the cljs source files but the one that enable the connection. This mean you have to manually maintain two code bases.

It could be useful to have a way to :exclude some files from :source-path.

Comment by David Nolen [ 18/Nov/12 3:16 PM ]

This could easily be done by adding support for this in closure.clj - patch welcome!

Comment by Mimmo Cosenza [ 20/Nov/12 6:11 AM ]

I propose to add a new keyword/value in the optimization option map, namely :exclude-path. the value of this option should be a subdir of the source-dir.

Top level scenario:

1. you use lein-cljsbuild to define your cljs project
2. you define more builds, e.g. a :dev build and a :prod build.
(defproject ...
:cljsbuild {:builds
{:dev {:source-path "src/cljs" {:compiler {:output-to "resources/public/js/main_dbg.js"
:optimizations :whitespace
:pretty-print true}}}
:prod {:source-path "src/cljs" {:compiler {:output-to "resources/public/js/main_dbg.js"
:optimizations :advanced
:exclude-path "some-path"}}}})

3. lein-cljsbuild plugin will instruct CLJ compiler by passing it the soruce-dir (e.g. "src/cljs") and the options map which now can contain also an optional :exclude-path keyword.

4. During compilation the compiler will exclude from source-dir any cljs source which is contained in the named excluded directory.

I'll start bottom-up from 4. then I'll try to patch lein-cljsbuild too.


Comment by Mimmo Cosenza [ 07/Dec/12 10:30 AM ]

Hi David, here is the flattened patch relative. The two guys which worked on the patch under my direction are interns in my own company. Next monday we'll send their signed CA.

My best

Comment by Brenton Ashworth [ 07/Dec/12 11:13 AM ]

In general, we should not complicate the compiler with additional options when functionality can be provided by external tools.

I think this feature can be provided by external tools. The compiler will only automatically pull in things that are actually dependencies of the sources that we provide to the compiler. External tools should provide ways to limit what is handed to the compiler.

I would first attempt to modify lein-cljsbuild to do what you want.

When using the compiler directly, you can provide your own implementation of Compilable which, when given a directory, will filter out sources based on some criteria you provide. In my projects I have custom implementations of Compilable that do just this. You should be able to do the same thing in lein-cljsbuild.


Comment by Mimmo Cosenza [ 07/Dec/12 12:30 PM ]

Thanks for the advice Brenton. I'll try to understand from the maintainer of `lein-cljsbuild` where to start from. I agree with you about keeping the compiler clean from options that can be implemented by the tools. But I'm no so sure that patching lein-cljsbuild we'll be as easy as adding `:exclude` option to the compiler.


Comment by Brenton Ashworth [ 07/Dec/12 1:04 PM ]

It doesn't matter which one is easier to do. Every new option and special case that we add to the compiler makes it more difficult to understand how changes will impact users.

Comment by David Nolen [ 07/Dec/12 5:40 PM ]

I agree that anything that can be solved at higher level tools is better - it wasn't clear to me from the implementation that Compilable could be used to control this - but I see now.

Mimmo, cljs.closure/build takes a Compilable and a map of options. So lein-cljsbuild could construct the custom Compilable that understands :excludes and pass it along.

Comment by Evan Mezeske [ 09/Dec/12 9:48 PM ]

FWIW, I agree with Brenton that this should be in lein-cljsbuild.

I didn't know that cljs.closure/build was flexible enough to do this already. I always thought that it needed to be extended so that a vector of files could be passed in, or something, but it sounds like the Compilable approach should work just fine.

I will happily accept a patch for this. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the :exclude entry should not be in the :compiler map if lein-cljsbuild is handling it. The :compiler map is passed straight through as options to cljs.closure/build. So, the :exclude entry should be a neighbor of the :compiler entry.

Comment by Mimmo Cosenza [ 10/Dec/12 4:20 AM ]

Hi all,
we all agree with Brenton and yes, the :exclude option has to be at the same hierarchical level of :source-path. I'll verify if we can also extend :source-path from taking a String to taking a vector of String, in such a way that the user could ask to compile more cljs src-dir.


Comment by Mimmo Cosenza [ 10/Dec/12 4:37 AM ]

Hi all,
just a small add on to the previous comment. I don't think we're going to update cljsc/cljsc.clj, which I consider a kind of tool, much more fragile and limited than cljsbuild plugin, to interoperate with CLJS compiler.

My best


Comment by David Nolen [ 18/Dec/12 3:09 PM ]

Should be resolved by tools that use the compiler.

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