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[CTYP-85] Assertion error in abo Created: 05/Oct/13  Updated: 20/Oct/13  Resolved: 20/Oct/13

Status: Closed
Project: core.typed
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Type: Defect Priority: Major
Reporter: Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant Assignee: Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant
Resolution: Completed Votes: 0
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[10:29:10] hugod: I'm getting "AssertionError Assert failed: (symbol? y) clojure.core.typed.check/abo/lookup--34688 (check.clj:2906)" - trying to work out what abo does...
[10:31:00] ambrosebs: hugod: IIRC it's "abstract object"
[10:31:40] ambrosebs: hugod: it's how we abstract an "object" in the occurrence typing sense from a local name (symbol) to a position arg
[10:32:13] ambrosebs: ie. how we convert (fn [a] a) into (All [x] [x -> x :object {:id 0}])
[10:32:32] ambrosebs: hugod: unsure of where the error is coming from tho
[10:33:04] hugod: this is what it is checking https://www.refheap.com/19405
[10:34:50] hugod: at least that is what is at the last line number reported by :trace true

Comment by Greg Hawkins [ 15/Oct/13 1:48 PM ]

The following minimal example causes this error for me:

(ann minimal [Keyword -> [Any -> Any]])
(defn minimal [kw]
  (fn [b]

Whereas the following doesn't:

(ann minimal [Keyword -> [Any -> Any]])
(defn minimal [kw]
  (fn [b]
Comment by Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant [ 20/Oct/13 2:15 AM ]

Thanks Greg, made fixing this easy.

Fixed https://github.com/clojure/core.typed/commit/15684f8a9de37237194a9c79ec7440606f48434f

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