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[LOGIC-38] Logic Threading Macro Created: 13/May/12  Updated: 15/Oct/14

Status: Open
Project: core.logic
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Type: Enhancement Priority: Minor
Reporter: Jason Jackson Assignee: David Nolen
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
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This macro was somewhat useful when I was implementing static analysis for a compiler with core.logic.

(defmacro ==>> [expr-in & rel-forms]
"Thread the expr-in through rel-forms then unify with last rel-forms
(the 'out expression').

(==>> [[1]] (firsto) (firsto) x))
;; 'x' will become bound to value 1

This macro expands to:
(fresh [_A _B]
(firsto [[1]] _A)
(firsto _A _B)
(== _B q))

If you imagine that the 'return value' of firsto is its last parameter,
then it works just like clojure.core/-> as return value of each form is
first argument of the following form."

Comment by Jason Jackson [ 13/May/12 11:08 AM ]

There might be a better name, not sure.

Comment by Jason Jackson [ 13/May/12 11:18 AM ]

renamed ==>> to ==->

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