[CLJS-150] Regular expressions don't support Javascript mode flags Created: 16/Feb/12  Updated: 08/Sep/17  Due: 24/Feb/12  Resolved: 08/Sep/17

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Reporter: Bobby Calderwood Assignee: Bobby Calderwood
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Currently, the compiler and cljs.core allow for Java mode flags. Javascript doesn't support many of these, and supports one flag not supported by Java - 'g'.

ClojureScript regular expressions should support only Javascript regex mode flags: 'i', 'm', and 'g'. This applies to Regex literals in the compiler as well as (re-pattern).

This is a defect in the implementation of CLJS-116.

Comment by David Nolen [ 16/Feb/12 3:33 PM ]

The defect existed prior to CLJS-116. The problem is that we're using the Clojure reader and g is not a valid flag for a Java RegexPattern.

Comment by Francis Avila [ 28/Feb/14 1:04 AM ]

This ticket should be rejected. A regular expression created with the global flag is stateful (i.e., the lastIndex property is checked and used by the exec and test methods.) On sufficiently old browsers (pre js 1.5), this makes the RegExp object itself stateful, i.e., not instances, but the RegExp constructor is mutated!

Using a regex with the global flag set will already ruin the results of re-seq, re-find, etc. I could see re-seq using a clone of the input regex with the global flag set as an optimization to avoid string slicing, but we certainly shouldn't provide a public interface to create them.

See also CLJS-776

Comment by Luke [ 28/Aug/17 1:51 AM ]

This ticket should be rejected.
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