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Implement cljs.core/format. Make sure there is nothing in gclosure for this. I suppose we should try to emulate the jvm version as much as that makes sense?

Comment by MichaƂ Marczyk [ 28/Jun/12 11:29 AM ]

GClosure does actually include a string formatter – goog.string.format. Note that that's both a non-ctor function name and the GClosure "namespace" name, so in order to use it one must require goog.string.format on top of gstring and say gstring/format (or perhaps leave out the gstring require spec and use goog.string/format – not tested, but should work).

The patch to introduce format and printf as wrappers for goog.string.format is naturally extremely simple, so here it is. Note that this particular patch must be applied on top of CLJS-328.

I have no idea how goog.string.format compares to the JVM's String/format (basic number formatting seems to work as it should in sprintf-like functions, but other than that I haven't tested it much).

Comment by David Nolen [ 29/Jun/12 10:44 AM ]

The tests fail for me with this patch applied.

Comment by David Nolen [ 29/Jun/12 11:07 AM ]

fixed, http://github.com/clojure/clojurescript/commit/8f518760a3df8b351208e97bb70270856623bb0a

Comment by David Nolen [ 11/Sep/13 5:05 PM ]

Backing this one out, goog.string.format defies advanced optimization and it provides few of the capabilities of Clojure's format - which does a lot because of java.util.Formatter. Apologies for the churn, but this is a simple thing for people to stub in themselves for the little bit of functionality it actually delivers.

Comment by Lars Bohl [ 12/Oct/13 6:33 AM ]

Uploading a slighly modified version lein-cljsbuild's "advanced" demo, to demonstrate that using goog.string.format produces a runtime error with clojurescript 0.0.1913. Run "lein ring server" and navigate to http://localhost:3000/

The code in hello.cljs shows that goog.string.toTitleCase works, but not goog.string.format.

Comment by Julien Eluard [ 12/Oct/13 6:43 AM ]

It looks like you are not requiring correctly format. See a working example here.

Comment by Lars Bohl [ 12/Oct/13 6:58 AM ]

Julent, thanks! It needs another [goog.string.format] after [goog.string :as gstring] before you can use gstring/format. hello.cljs now looks like this, and throws no exceptions: https://www.refheap.com/19693

Comment by Ikuru Kanuma [ 27/Dec/16 6:52 PM ]

Would much appreciate a DCE compliant implementation of this, as I happen to be maintaining a library that broke because of this removal.
Has anyone worked on this since?

Comment by Gary Fredericks [ 27/Dec/16 7:31 PM ]

I thought about trying to port java.util.Formatter just for fun.

I can't figure out what you mean by "DCE compliant".

Comment by Ikuru Kanuma [ 27/Dec/16 8:33 PM ]

Oh, DCE = dead code elimination.
I thought it was a common abbrev. from this mail:

I would definitely send my cheers if you do decide to put in the time!

Comment by David Nolen [ 16/Jun/17 2:34 PM ]

We are not doing this. Do not reopen.

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