[CLJS-693] new and dot form work on locals Created: 20/Nov/13  Updated: 04/Nov/16  Resolved: 04/Nov/16

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Given some JavaScript library included in the same page as CLJS output:

var Lib = {};

Lib.Thing = function (val) {
    this.val = val;

Lib.Thing.prototype.log = function () {

I can bind the Thing property to a local and construct it using new or the dot form. This code compiles and runs without errors, and logs three lines to the console.

(ns cljs-construct-locals-bug.core)

; Legit
(let [thing (new js/Lib.Thing "hello")]
  (.log thing))

; Questionable
(let [Thing (.-Thing js/Lib)
      thing1 (new Thing "maybe")
      thing2 (Thing. "no way")]
  (.log thing1)
  (.log thing2))

I talked to David Nolen and he said this behavior is not correct.

Comment by David Nolen [ 02/Dec/13 8:58 PM ]

Upon further consideration this probably requires some feedback from the community. I'd forgotten that (Thing. foo bar ...) is just sugar for (new Thing foo bar ...) ...

Comment by António Nuno Monteiro [ 04/Nov/16 11:13 AM ]

Issue is not valid anymore.

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