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  • new application problems beget new types
    • types are heavy
    • why don’t people use an existing type?
      • want to branch on it (flow control)
      • habit
      • carry data
  • new exception types lead to
    • gen-class (+ precompilation)
    • Java classes in Clojure projects
  • use big things to solve small problems
    • condition library (e.g. Contrib Condition) when all you want is data
    • exceptions when all you want is control flow
      • idiomatic on many JVM languages
      • don't have composite returns or dynamic binding
  • can't troubleshoot problems
    • info is gone when call stack unwinds


Document dynamic binding as the "Clojure Way" to do out-of-band-control flow that is often done via exceptions on other JVM languages.

  • find likely place within Clojure or Contrib and implement examplar
  • write docs and tutorial
  • add "control flow" link from exception handling parts of Clojure docs



  • define a standard vocabulary for data-izing the information in a clojure exception
  • package in fns
    • do not call these fns automatically
    • maybe provide REPL helpers that do
  • other parts of clj-stactkrace (color printing etc.) should remain tool features
  • open questions
    • what do the REPL fns look like?
    • might start with the data and wait to see how they get used

Ad hoc conditions

E.g. Contrib condition Condition or errorContrib Error-kitKit.

  • could unify with Java exceptions, or not
  • could include data-carrying exception, or not


Pattern Matching Conditions

Pattern matching (a la Matchure), plus exceptions as data, plus dynamic binding.