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  • Add a new protocol for IEvaluator which is used by a console to evaluate forms and return a map containing user feedback to be printed.
  • Extract console code from the current REPL and make it use the IEvaluator protocol.
  • Add a timeout in the REPL. This should only exist in the browser-connected REPL.
  • All of the old REPL code is still in cljs.compiler. This needs to be removed. Removing this code should solve some of the problems that users of OpenJDK have been having.
  • Figure out how to implement *1, *2 etc in a way that is useful when evaluating in a browser.
  • The REPL client code for the "inner page" of the CrossPageChannel doesn't work when compiled in advanced mode. Find out why. It is currently being compiled with simple optimizations.
    • The most likely cause is that service names are registered as strings which refer to functions which get minified.