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Comment: Update "How to create new contrib projects" with new generated Hudson configs

How to promote a library into "new" Clojure contrib:


Email the clojure-dev mailing list to request operations requiring administrator privileges.

  • Create a new GitHub project under the clojure organization
  • In the project source tree, create a pom.xml file according to the build.pom instructions
  • On Hudson: Create , create a user account for the project's owner if they do not already have one
  • Click "New Job" on the main menu
  • On the job creation page:
    • Enter the project name as the name of the job
    • Select "Copy existing job"
    • In the "Copy from" field, enter "build.poms"
    • Click "OK"
  • On the project configuration page:
    • Check "Enable project-based security"
      • In the "User/group to add" field, enter the Hudson username of the project owner
        • Note: usernames are case-sensitive
      • Click "Add"
      • Checkmark all permission boxes for that user except Job->Delete and Job->Configure
    • Under "Source Code Management", change "URL of repository" to the GitHub Read+Write URL for the project
    • Click "Save"
  • Add the library to
  • Run to regenerate Hudson configuration
  • Reload Hudson configuration