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  • Interop
    • To consume a Java API
      • Concrete derivation (gen-class)
      • Naming/packaging conventions
    • To expose an API to Java code
      • deftype/record/protocol/interface
    • Deployment environments
      • Special classloaders, e.g. OSGi, Eclipse
  • Application delivery
    • Main method (gen-class)
      • Mitigated by "-m" option to clojure.main
    • Bytecode post-processing
      • Android/Dalvik
    • Faster startup
      • Only an issue in constrained environments like Android
    • Hide source code from consumers
  • Vet Syntax check & reflection warnings
    Syntax check
    • Not necessary, but Doesn't require writing files to disk
    • But still a common use case for invoking the compiler
    • Some tools support emitting .class files to temp dir
      • e.g. Mark Derricutt's clojure-maven-plugin

What do we want to AOT-compile?