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Comment: Update status of several issues; add SQLite to supported databases; add notes on which drivers are being tested


  • DDL support is weak, e.g., JDBC-2 table spec support - DONE; but more DDL support could / should be added
  • Inconsistencies between structmaps, tuples and regular maps (JDBC-3); no longer uses structmap - API is still inconsistent with maps and sequences
  • Global connection variable (db) and lack - will be addressed in upcoming API overall
  • Lack of connection pooling (JDBC-4); perhaps better served thru 3rd party pooling, e.g., c3p0 ?- documented
  • Inability to extend the processing, lack of HOF hooks, e.g., JDBC-6 allow pre-processing of PreparedStatement - in progress
  • Updating state is not signified with !
  • API feels imperative, not functional / idiomatic for Clojure


  • MySQL 5.0 - 5.5 (using the 5.1.6 connector)
  • PostgreSQL - 8.2 upward (tested against 8.4-702.jdbc4 driver)
  • SQL Server - 2008 (should 2005 be supported?) - tested with jtds 1.2.4 and the Microsoft sqljdbc4 3.0 driver
  • Derby (should earlier versions be supported?)
  • H2
  • HSQLDB (should earlier versions be supported?)
  • SQLite 3 (using the org.xerial/sqlite-jdbc 3.7.2 driver)
  • Oracle ????

The build system needs to be updated to run tests against at least some of these. Currently c.j.j is unique in requiring such external resources for testing.