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(deftype A
  (-lookup ([o k] (aget s k))
           ([o k nf] (if (.hasOwnProperty o k) (aget o k) nf))) 
;; expands to

(specify (.-prototype A)

;; expands to

(specify* (.-prototype A)
  ILookup {-lookup {2 (fn [o k] ..)
                    3 (fn [o k nf] ..)}})

;; and if we want to specify a whole batch
;; we can have the same method instances attached to every object
(let [m2 (fn [o k] ..)
      m3 (fn [o k nf] ..)] 
  (defn specify-alookup! [o]
    (specify* o
      ILookup {-lookup {2 m2 3 m3}})))

(defn jsonp-callback [os]
  (process (map specify-alookup! os))) 



  • specify* can't-be used with IFn in the current patchset to CLJS-414 as of writing
    • just realized that this is a bug, will strike out when fixed
  • specify expects to see each method only once, should error when user tries to do