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In order to make sure you are not duplicating effort, fixing a feature, or planning an unwelcome change, please coordinate with the community, by first examining existing issues (clojure's, links to the various contrib libraries' JIRA projects can be found on the Where Did Clojure Contrib Go page), and discussing your patch plan on the clojure-dev Google group.  If you are not a contributor, anyone may discuss ideas for changes on the Clojure Google group, to which most or all contributors also belong.

Track it in JIRA

If you've got the go-ahead and there isn't already a ticket for your issue/feature, please create one. Make sure the ticket includes a link to the discussion in the Google Group or IRC, so someone reviewing your ticket can quickly get up to speed. Assign yourself to the ticket so people know you are working on it. Please don't assign things to others without their consent.