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  • Email clojure-dev mailing list to get new project approved and admin privileges in GitHub, Jira, and Hudson.
  • Create a new GitHub repo under the clojure organization (requires Clojure organization admin privileges):
    • Specify project name (must be approved by Clojure/core)
    • Specify description
    • Team: Contrib Commit
    • Add Post-Receive URL Service Hook: (for autodoc)
    • Disable Issues tab (we use JIRA instead)
    • Project structure (see existing projects for examplesexample)
      • /project.clj - Leiningen build file
      • / - readme
      • / - changelog
      • /epl.html - EPL license information
      • /pom.xml -  Clojure sources in according to the build.pom instructions
      • /src/main/clojure
      • Java sources in src/main/java
      • Clojure test source in - Clojure sources
      • /src/test/clojure - Clojure tests
      • /src/main/cljs - ClojureScript sources
      • /src/test/clojureCreate a pom.xml file according to the build.pom instructionscljs - ClojureScript tests
      • /src/main/java - Java sources
  • Create a new JIRA project (requires JIRA admin privileges):
    • Specify name (same as GitHub project name)
    • Specify key (approved by Clojure/core, derived from project name)
    • Specify project lead's JIRA account
  • Setting up builds (requires Hudson admin privileges, except step 2):
    • Create Hudson user account for authors
    • Edit ci_data.clj in the repo add the new project / update authors (so they can run builds / cut releases)
    • Request on clojure-dev mailing list to run Hudson job - this will recreate all Hudson job definition files!
    • Force Hudson to reload its configuration files
  • Performing releases