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  • JIRA status- these govern the default JIRA workflow and consist of Open, In progress, Reopened, Resolved, Closed
    • The Clojure workflow does not really distinguish between these much other than general open/closed differentiation
  • Approval- a custom field that is (mostly) how Screeners change the state of a ticket
    • None - new ticket
    • Triaged - screener has approved the ticket as worth working on
    • Vetted - screener and Rich have approved the ticket as worth working on
    • Screened - screener has approved a ticket's patch for review by Rich
    • Incomplete - screener has requested improvements to a ticket or patch
    • Ok - Rich has approved the ticket for inclusion
    • Not Approved - ?? deprecated?
    • Test - ?? deprecated?
  • Patch- qualifies the kind of patch attached
    • None - no patch
    • Code - code only, no test
    • Code and Test - code and test
  • Fix version
    • Release X.X - specific targeted release 
    • Backlog - will consider in future release 
  • Resolution- when a ticket is closed, it will have a resolution
    • Declined - did not accept a ticket for work
    • Duplicate
    • Completed
    • Unresolved