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Qualities of a Great Ticket

All tickets should have:

  • Concise title
  • Summary of exactly one problem or enhancement
    • Enhancements should have a statement of a problem they solve
  • Correct categorization (Bug/Enhancement)Type: Correct categorization (Defect or Enhancement)
  • Summary: concise title
  • Description: 
    • Exactly one issue (if multiple, split across tickets and link)
    • (If Defect) Reproducible demonstration of problem (commands that can be duplicated in a repl are preferred)
    • (If Enhancement) Statement of the what should be improved 
    • Links to relevant prior discussion on clojure-dev, IRC, or email thread as appropriate
  • Name of current patch under consideration

Bugs should have:

  • Reproducible demonstration of problem (repl output is preferred, but test or benchmark may also be ok)Priority: categorize based on impact and whether this is a theoretical issue or one actually encountered in real code

Tickets ready for screening should also have:

  • Description:
    • An accurate description of the approach being pursued to solve the problem
  • A patch implementing that approach
  • Tests demonstrating the patch
    • Name of current patch to consider
    • Summary or reference to alternative approaches that were considered
  • Patch attachment:
    • Implementation that follows the approach specified in the description
    • Tests as appropriate
    • Benchmark data (if performance related)

Tend Your Ticket

As work progresses on a ticket, it is common for it to accumulate discussion between submitter, screeners, and patch developers. As this occurs, it is essential to edit the ticket description to stay up to date . This most commonly means listing the current patch under consideration and a concise as a summary of the essential problem, solution approach, and solutionpatch. It may also should not be useful to list considered alternative solutions and why they were rejectednecessary to read the the full ticket history to evaluate the patch.