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Comment: Update for automatic Maven Central release


  • The "master" branch in GitHub must have a pom.xml file with a -SNAPSHOT version, not a bare version number
  • Log in to Hudson
  • Navigate to your project's home page (example)
  • Click "Perform Maven Release" link on the left
  • On the "Perform Maven Release" page:
    • Select "Specify one version for all modules"
    • In the "Release Version" field, enter the version number for this release of your project
      • This will normally be the current development version with the "-SNAPSHOT" suffix removed
    • In the "Development version" field, enter the version number for the subsequent development version of your project
      • This will end with "-SNAPSHOT"
    • Click "Schedule Maven Release Build"
  • After the build completes successfully:
    • `git pull` on your development machine to get the new release tags
    • The release JAR file will be uploaded to the Sonatype OSS staging repository
    • NEW: Notify the clojure-dev list of your staged release
    • NEW: An admin will release it for promotion The release will automatically be copied to the Maven Central Repository(These new steps are temporary until we work out how to automate releases on new Sonatype Nexus server.repository within 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)

Contrib Release Numbering Policy